Josh Leichtung’s

Detailed Recommendations

Many know that Josh is an impressive marketer and brilliant at product positioning. However, Josh amazed me as he was able to shift gears and expertly lead operational integrations and offer insightful, leading-edge SaaS product requirements. At EquaShip, he quickly created Marketing, Sales, BD, and Customer Support strategies and then hired world-class teams to help him execute. Josh’s marketing efforts were so successful that our billion dollar competitors were broadcasting how they intended to compete with our tiny start-up before it had even launched! Josh leads by example, able to provide specific direction but is always open to test something untried. Josh is witty and fun to work with, while always asking the tough questions from his reports, peers, and boss. He sets audacious goals and sets pragmatic plans to accomplish them. Josh is truly one of the most exceptional executives I’ve had the pleasure to work with.

Raine Bergstrom

VP and GM Software Products, Intel Corporation

I can recommend Josh Leichtung without hesitation or qualification as a dynamic leader, an effective manager, a creative and analytical marketing thinker, and a good person. His people loved working for him and he inspired them to work very hard for the company. His peers valued his contributions and sought out his input and involvement. I would expect him to suceed at any undertaking he pursues.

David Suess

CEO, Northern Light

I worked for Josh… When I look back on my career, there are two places that stand out for me in terms of being my most memorable work experiences and Power Up was one of the two. And a big reason for this is the leadership of Josh Leichtung. Josh has a unique way about him; he is a great leader but not a micro-manager. You want to do a great job for him and he leads by example. He also has a great sense of humor, and humanity and I always felt like our department was a “team” as this is the tone that Josh set… I learned so much from Josh as he was a leader not only at Power Up but also an industry leader.

Lois Brennan

Sr. Global Account Director , Forrester Research

Josh was very instrumental in our direct marketing division. We were very fortunate to find him. He gave us the road map we needed which led to a successful catalog. He is worth the money!

Tony Lizell

CEO, Lizell

Josh is smart, witty and intuitive. He was always great to work with. Josh has unique expertise and methodology allowing him to solve complex business challenges. He is very thorough in everything he does and can be depended upon to get the job done. Josh leads by example and I believe many people have found his enthusiasm and dedication both inspiring and motivating. 

Jerry Rosenquist

President , Response Dynamics

I have known Josh for many years and in that time have found few individuals possessing his experience, talent, passion and character. Josh is a walking encyclopedia of marketing, he has seen it all, and more importantly tested it all. What is most impressive to me is how Josh has continued to stay on the leading edge of new marketing tactics and technologies as our industry has evolved from printing dots to pulsing electrons (i.e. from catalogs and DM advertising to e-commerce and social). Josh’s energetic mid-western work ethic continues to be as strong as ever. I would be happy to speak directly to anyone considering hiring Josh for their organization.

Ron Weiner

CEO, Thermogenesis

Josh almost single-handedly kept the organization afloat during a business contraction, fighting ineffective strategies passionately. He was truly wonderful to work with, maintaining a positive outlook during this challenging time. Josh was patient with me as he taught me the different enterprise view needed in an environment where you have many small customers as opposed to environments where I had spent my entire previous carrier with a few large customers. Josh and I didn’t always agree but disagreements were resolved based upon the merits of the positions and on those few occasions where my view prevailed he always supported the decision. I have had the good fortune to work with several effective executives during my career Josh rank with the best for effectiveness and is the best when rated for the pleasure to work with. Work with Josh again, in a heartbeat if I were lucky enough to be presented with the opportunity.

Doug Dolge

Sr Director Product Development, Varsity Logistics

Josh Leichtung is wonderful to work with, and has unique and extensive expertise in Direct Marketing. He was well respected in all facets of our organization and everyone enjoyed working with him. I would recommend him for any company that requires the very best in strategic vision, leadership and operational excellence. His determination and drive were invaluable to our company and resulted in record performance and took our group to a new level. I learned a great deal from Josh and he gave me many opportunities for growth. I have always felt he was one of the best leaders I have had the privilege of working with.

Tony Horvath

Senior Account Director, R.R. Donnelly

Josh has always been one of my favorite clients because he really “gets it.” He understands the psychological elements of successful marketing. He knows how to move prospects to action. And he inspires and appreciates excellent work.

Frances Cherman

CEO, Frances Cherman & Associates

‘I’ve had the pleasure of working with Josh on several occasions over the years. Josh is force… he’s smart, creative and savvy. I hope to have the opportunity to work with him again, whether as a client, venture partner or perhaps as his client. He’s a keeper!

Stu Heinecke

CEO, Named the “Father of Contact Marketing” by the American Marketing Association

Josh Leichtung is an experienced marketing executive with C-suite credentials. As a member of EquaShip Board of Directors, I can attest to Josh’s strong marketing capabilities. As an example, in order to circumvent an issue with EquaShip’s hosted website, Josh and his team recreated the entire website so that it could be hosted and maintained internally by EquaShip. The site, it’s design and functionality, and analytics were invaluable to the EquaShip team. Personally, I’ve enjoyed working with Josh and I’m proud to call him a friend. It is my honor to personally recommend Josh to any business looking to quickly, economically and professionally ramp up its marketing efforts!

Rob Martinez

CEO, Shipware LLC

During the fifteen months I’ve worked with Josh I’ve appreciated his depth of knowledge, command of details and ability to maintain perspective on the big issues without losing sight of the small items which often keep us from achieving our objectives. I heartily recommend him for anyone needing a senior manager for marketing or related activities.

Peter Weiss

CEO, American Outlook

Josh, a gifted marketer, knew exactly how to tackle a difficult marketing problems and get stellar results. His deep experience and creative genius gives him the perfect combination as leader and problem solver.

Barbara Monahan

Group Manager , Intuit

It was a genuine pleasure working with such a seasoned veteran in the field and his expertise made our collaboration even more successful. I would love to work with Josh again in the near future.


Brian A. Ruf

Managing Partner, Ruf Systems Group

Josh is a person who can think, manage, create and be successful at almost anything he is involved with. He treats his staff very well and always has their loyalty. In addition, if you are a vendor and perform to his standards, you will receive loyalty and support that is very unique.

It would be my greatest pleasure to work with Josh again in almost any capacity.

Steve Bogner