Examples of Josh Leichtung’s Branding & Videos 

I have not always enjoyed environments with the resources to employ others to create marketing materials. Startups are often starved for resources, so I’ve rolled up my sleeves, put my creative thinking cap on and created my own. I’ve done videos, logos, and hero images for marketing campaigns, presentations, and of course websites. 

Though I’m certainly not a creative director, my experience leading marketing teams in both digital and print arenas has taught me what works and what doesn’t.  It is about capturing attention and getting the point across quickly through the use of memorable photography, visuals, eyeflow, music, color, and type. 


Battle of the Keyboard Trays

There’s nothing quite like a comparison video to get your point across. Here, I took well known items from the kitchen and brought them into the office environment to demonstrate the comparative strength of our keyboard tray for standing desks. This video took just an hour to produce, and made a big hit at trade-shows. The soundtrack is Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana.

Albert Einstein for Equaship Video

I created and produced this animated video for my Equaship startup using an app. Short and sweet, with a bit of irreverent humor at the end in line with our rebel branding archetype. Einstein in cartoon form makes people curious to play the video. The content hits a the heart of shipper’s gripes, high prices, absurd insurance, and only upward price adjustments.

Everyone Ships Video

This video packs a punch even through the beginning longer than it should be.  How do we know?  We heard through the grapevine that the CEO of one of the big two demanded a full report on Equaship after seeing this video.